• Code / Architectural Review

    Led by an expert in reducing friction and making development easier and faster, Hibernating Rhinos provides deep code and architectural reviews of your application.

    For more information, please contact our sales department.

  • Production & Professional Support – RavenDB

    Hibernating Rhinos provides production support, including 24x7x365 availability from our support personnel for any production incidents relating to RavenDB.

    Professional support for RavenDB, for non-production issues, gives you direct access to the RavenDB development team for any questions you might have or assistance you might need.

    You can find more details about our RavenDB support services in the following link.

  • Consulting – RavenDB / NHibernate / Architecture

    Hibernating Rhinos provides top notch consulting services worldwide, whether it's integrating RavenDB into your systems, an issue with your NHibernate application, or if you can use some help with the design and implementation of your application.

    For more information, please contact our sales department.

  • Professional Support – NHibernate

    This support option helps you resolve any NHibernate issues that might occur. This includes development and production support of any kind, general NHibernate consulting, and de-bugging NHibernate itself.

    The support is provided by a professional NHibernate team expert, Ayende Rahien, who has almost a decade of experience in using, developing, extending and working with NHibernate.

    For more information about our NHibernate support option, please contact our sales department.

  • Training – RavenDB & NHibernate

    Onsite private courses for RavenDB and NHibernate are available, ranging from 2 to 5 days of intensive hands on work that will take your developers from a newbie to master status.

    These courses are available in addition to the public courses we also hold.