Customer speaking
Name: Julie Lerman
Role: Author of

I frequently advise developers using Entity Framework to pay attention to what's happening in the database since much of the database work happens under the covers. But we've never had a good tool for doing that. EF Prof is exactly what we've needed.

Customer speaking
Name: Mike Cole
Role: Senior Software Developer

I started using Entity Framework Profiler several years ago to help troubleshoot performance issues in an ASP.NET application that was using Entity Framework. I was horrified by what it showed me. I had several SELECT N + 1 issues that caused thousands of queries to be executed instead of the handful I thought I was executing. Entity Framework Profiler quickly became an invaluable tool in my day-to-day workflow. It's extremely easy to use and shows you exactly what is actually happening instead of what you think is happening, In today's software development world developers generally have multiple monitors, and Entity Framework Profile should definitely be running on one of them.