Getting Started with Cosmos DB Profiler

In this video, RavenDB CEO Oren Eini unveils our Cosmos DB Profiler tool, which will dissect how your application communicates with your database and isolates all the ways you can save time and money merely by refactoring a few data queries.

You will learn:

  • What is the Cosmos DB Profiler Tool?
  • How to find out the number of calls to the database your application makes
  • Where to find recommendations to optimize your code for easier data retrieval
  • How much money you can save


Why do we need a Profiling tool?

How the scope and composition of data have changed, along with the environment it is operating on that requires a new way to analyze how it is working with your application.

The Pricing Model of Cosmos DB

The cost and resource usage implications of a simple data request. How much cloud resources am I consuming by rendering a single page for a single user?

How do you handle usage patterns, like what happens at 9AM when 70% of your users want to see a page at the same time?

What is the Profiling Tool for?

There are no open source projects such as this one. What is the Profiler doing? Where inside an application is it looking?

Live use of the Cosmos DB Cloud Cost Optimization Tool

Scanning the code base of a project to search for how it is interacting with its database. Demonstrating the system and its UI.

The one piece of the Cosmos DB system that impacts all your queries

Leveraging things that are completely transparent on your server to get you top notch information on how you can enhance application internals to your advantage.

Uses for the Architect: Integrating with CI systems