ORM Tools to Stop Paying More to Use Your Own Data

Since we started making the NHibernate and Entity Framework ORM profilers in 2009, a lot has changed.

The cloud has moved a lot of the database skyline onto the major platforms. It has also enabled distributed data systems, proliferating the number of databases in use.

But with all these changes, the fundamental problems that our profilers were originally designed to solve, haven’t changed. In fact, they have become more widespread.

Our profilers have always played a vital role in reducing both overhead and cost to your data operations. Now they enable integration with the cloud so you can remotely profile your data and fill up your log.

You can now answer questions like, what queries were I running on January 4, 2021 at 3AM? You are also able to correlate that to the actions inside your application. To precise detail, you can see where your application is costing your users time and your money.

That comes on top of the benefits of the profiler you also enjoy, like:

  • Continuously scanning your code for costly data queries
  • Being directed straight to your code and receiving recommendations on how to refactor the query
  • Integrating directly into your continuous integration platform so every new and updated query will be analyzed for inefficiencies

Working on the cloud, bad performance translates into lost money. It is an SQL tax on your application and your users.

The right profiling strategy repeals the tax, benefitting everyone involved with your work.

In this webinar, RavenDB CEO Oren Eini demonstrates the new and improved NHibernate and Entity Framework Profilers. You will see how easy it is to use, and how quickly the benefits come.